Allium Flowers Are A Nice Draw For Butterflies While Being Easy To Take Care Of

Allium flowers are a great complement to some of the summer bulbs out there as they bloom much earlier in spring. It is nice to have a range of flowers which bloom at different times around the year in order to provide you with a constant supply of fresh flowers for your vases. Allium is also useful in that it has a fairly long vase life. It should last about three weeks out of the soil provided that it has enough water. The flower is globe-shaped and usually purple, although other colors such as green and white also exist, and it does not have a very distinctive smell. The flowers vary a lot in size, but the better known Allium Gigantum often features globes with a diameter of about six inches.

Allium flowers are hardy, and do not need a great deal of maintenance. You need not spend a lot of time worrying about whether they will bloom – they usually do in the end. The main requirements are soil with plenty of potassium (which you can get using tree ash) and plenty of water. This is true of all flowering bulbs, however, so it is by no means a unique or esoteric requirement of the allium flower. You allium-flowersshould not have too much trouble from mice or deer, as they tend to avoid this particular species. You often see butterflies around it, however, so it can make for a very attractive addition to your garden.

The bulbs of allium flowers should be planted around the September and October period. Some peat or humus should be laid on top. You should protect the flowers from wind as they blossom, as this is a prime cause of their premature demise. After new leaves have developed, it may be a good idea to add some additional fertilizer. None of these things are a particularly strenuous requirement, so you can see that the allium flower is quite easy to take care of and will make a nice addition to your garden come spring.

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