3 Tips to Prevent the Build Up of Bathroom Mold

If you have begun to see formations of nasty black stuff in the corners of your shower or around the bathtub fixtures, you probably have bathroom mold. Every single bathroom will have this problem if a few precautions are not taken to prevent its growth in the first place. With periodic maintenance and cleaning, you can effectively stop mildew and mold from taking over your bath.

Tip number 1: Always keep an eye on your caulk and grout joints in the showers and around tubs, especially the lower corners. It’s not a question of IF the joints will fail you, but more like WHEN they will begin leaking as it is an inevitable part of bathroom maintenance. The constant movement in the walls due to heat and cold cycles of our home as well the bombarding moisture causes a lot of stress where these joints meet, subsequently causing them to separate themselves from the tile. Once the separation has occurred, water has an unimpeded superhighway straight into the bathroom-moldinternal cavities of the walls and that is the last thing you want. There have been several great strides made in caulking products over the last several years; one of these is the GE Silicone II Kitchen and Bath caulk with a built and fungicide and it automatically resists mildew also. This type is not paintable and should only be used inside where water intrusion needs to be kept in check. I have used this type of caulk both in my handyman business as well as in my own personal residences for years and can attest to its quality.

Tip number 2: You may opt to visit your local home improvement center to purchase a premixed mold spray. If you should decide to go out and purchase a ready-made, store bought mold control product to handle your bathroom mould removal project, always read the label and make certain that you will not do more harm than good to your family and pets. Many times these products will be riddled with unpronounceable words and strange sounding ingredients. One good rule of thumb when using any mold control products is to always wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from whatever may be in there. One product that comes to mind is Concrobium Mold Spray, I have used this spray in the past and it really does work well, at about 10 dollars per 16 oz bottle.

Tip number 3: You may decide to go the all natural route when attempting to control the mold in your bathroom. There are 3 mainstream natural products that have proven effective here, distilled white vinegar, grapefruit seed extract (GSE) and finally tea tree oil. All of these products when mixed at appropriate ratios can effectively control mold and mildew in your bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere else you may encounter it. Grab yourself a spray bottle, some water and mix one of the three ingredients with water, spray until wet and allow drying naturally.

Hopefully one of these three tips will help you out when you decide to take charge of your bathroom mould removal projects in the future. It is always advisable to keep it in check rather than ignoring it as it will only get progressively worse as time goes by.

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