3 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Space is at a premium when you have a small bathroom, so you want to be sure your remodel maximizing what you have. You’ve heard the expression “less is more,” so here’s how to capitalize on a small bathroom remodel:

Gain More Floor Space

Replace large plumbing fixtures with space-saving versions. Old toilets are much larger than new, water-efficient versions. Modern walk-in showers also take up a lot less space than long bathtubs. Rip out that clunky old vanity and opt for a slim pedestal sink. You’ll claim several extra feet of floor space. If you want to conserve even more, consider installing a super-space-saving corner sink. But are you worried about losing storage space?

Install Wall Shelves

Take advantage of wall space to store your toiletries, extra towels and toilet paper or cleaning supplies. If you can keep your small-bathroom-remodelbelongings neat, consider economical and modern open bathroom shelving. Otherwise, select a wall-mounted cabinet that features glass or solid doors. Another way to create extra storage space without taking up valuable floor space in your bathroom is to keep some things in a cabinet just outside of your bathroom door, such as in a hallway or nook.

Choose Light Finishes

Whenever you want a space to look larger, paint the walls a light color. Also choose light colored tiles for your bathroom floor and shower area. Light colors reflect light, tricking the eye to think the space is more expansive than it really is. However, that doesn’t mean you’re relegated to a light color scheme just because your bathroom is small. Some powder rooms benefit from a dramatic color scheme such as jewel tones. Try a rich wallpaper with a bold graphic pattern.

These three simple moves can make your bathroom feel as though you’ve gained a hundred extra square feet. By visually de-cluttering and freeing up some floor space, as well as using light finishes, you’ll no longer consider your bathroom to be small.

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